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Letter of Introduction

     As years pass through time, there arrives occasions when it's ripe to re-introduce Gibbs Brothers Electric to our longtime customers bringing you up to date with changes that have shaped our organization through the years.  If you are a prospective customer evaluating our firm for the first time, then, I offer a word about our firm's history, current nature of operation, and services we presently render.

     Gibbs Bros. Electric was established by Carl Gibbs and his brother George (my grandfather) in 1919.  During the first half of the century, the business was conducted from the Sepulveda block on Olvera Street (the renown La Golondrina Restaurant as neighbors to the north).  Radio repair and building wiring were the first services sold.  As the business grew Gibbs Brothers expanded into appliance sales, opened a full retail hardware store, and performed large scale commercial wiring installations.  During the war years operations were moved to 702 N Broadway where sales peaked in the mid 1950's.  Meanwhile, the Sepulveda block was sold to California in 1955 and became part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Monument.

     In 1957 the business was incorporated and relocated to our present site on North Main Street within a mile of its original birthplace in 1919.  At that time we closed our retail appliance and hardware stores, and expanded our line of electrical services and wiring systems.  We have now been serving the Los Angeles metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs continuously through three generations.  I have included a short newspaper reprint with this letter to add interesting details about the historical background of the original Gibbs Brothers founders.

     At the time Gibbs Brothers opened its doors electricity was still a new technology.  Wiring systems were relatively simple.  During the last 82 years, and especially now having entered the 21st Century, the rate of expansion in electronic and electrical technologies has been accelerating.  New domains of integrated circuits, microchips, wireless technology, fiber optics, and computerized systems have been entering virtually every facet of life.  They have created interrelated specialties so numerous and complex that even the most brilliant find it more than challenging to navigate their way through these intricate fields of advanced technology.

     Along with these advancing technologies is a growing spectrum of electrical applications that have found their way into the commercial market place.  We have been hearing continuous cries for knowledgeable and competent professionals to support the installation, maintenance, expansion, and repair of these new systems.  It has been Gibbs Brothers Electric's aim to apply its vast experience and continuing education in keeping up with advancing technologies and providing these new levels of support.

     As a full service electrical contractor Gibbs Brothers Electric employs a crew of in-house trained and experienced electricians covering a wide range of electrical expertise.  Our strength lies in the installation and service of power wiring distribution systems, lighting systems, machine wiring, computer networks, access control systems, intercoms, & motor control.  We have also developed exceptional expertise in telecommunications, signal systems, CCTV, alarm systems, and telephone systems.

     Gibbs Bros. Electric's shop facility embodies a full complement of engineering and estimating offices, parts and service departments, computerized office administration, secured parking, and construction equipment yard.  We are a member of IECA (Independent Electrical Contractor's Association) and FLAC (Fair Licensing and Apprenticeship Coalition.  We are represented in the IAEI (International Association of Electrical Inspectors) by Max H. Heeter.  Max, now retired, served Gibbs Brothers continuously for 33 years, and presently offers his vast experience through technical consulting.  Gibbs Brothers is also an associate member of FCE, a foundation dedicated to developing highly effective management techniques for organizations of all types.

     We have also joined forces with colleagues Roger Burgess and William (Bill) Richardson.  Roger, past president of the IECA, brings to our operation an unsurpassed knowledge of industry dynamics, excellence in technical versatility, and exceptional management skills.  He has expanded our range of services and logistical abilities in a manner that swiftly responds to the varied needs of our clients.  Bill runs our telecommunications division bringing over 30 yeas of computer, telephone, and electronic systems experience to our operation.  Their inborn enthusiasm for the electrical and electronic service industry enhances our tradition of customer service.  Together, our staff members form a complement of integrity that successfully responds to the continuously changing demands of the electrical service industry.

     Below are some of the operational features which Gibbs Bros. Electric employs to achieve premier status in the electrical service industry:

  • Experienced and responsive dispatching communication center and in-house customer service department.
  • Comprehensive employee technical training and support programs which address both old and new electrical technologies.
  • Computerized, advanced, and effective business administrative, accounting, and bookkeeping capabilities.
  • Exceptionally well stocked, identified, and managed, inventory warehousing (more complete than many electrical supply houses).
  • Total operations security, risk management, and loss control programs.
  • 14 vehicle fleet (including boom truck) and on-site 3,000 gallon certified fueling station.
  • Extensive customer base, excellent customer satisfaction rating, and impressive references.
  • Approximately 200 well established open supplier and vendor accounts encompassing a full range of industry related products and services, exceptional purchasing power, and attractive discount rates.

     Our annual revenues are around a million dollars, most of which is contracted in and around Los Angeles County.  We are underwritten by the Insurance Corporation of New York and carry full liability, property, auto, and workers' compensation policies.  We are self bonded, and carry "C-10" electrical, "HIC" (Home Improvement Contractor),  and "B" general construction licenses with the State of California.  We are additionally licensed as security systems alarm installers with the California Bureau of investigative services, and have performed as authorized agents for Westec Security Systems.  We carry business licenses in Los Angeles and numerous other local municipalities.

     We have a 24 hour nation-wide toll free number: 1-800-471-1126 and a user-friendly web site: to make reaching us easy.  Please feel free to contact myself, Roger, Bill or any of our staff should a need arise.  May I personally thank you for your patronage in the past, and look forward to serving you again, in the future.

Very truly

George L. Gibbs III / CEO
Gibbs Brothers Electric Co., Inc.  

Gibbs Brothers
Electric Co., Inc.

1703 N. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-1918

P.O. Box 31021
Los Angeles, CA 90031-0021

Fax: 323-225-5949

Bonded and Insured, License #169324